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British Schwing time Schenannigans

UK Skaters from North Devon enjoying the most of this spiffingly swell summer season's skateboarding with some sexy sideways swing. 




Bathurst, Australia 2013 hosts the IDF's Newton's Nation race. Super fast track with crazy bails.

This year was great because you could watch the action LIVE on youtube… consequently I have jet lag.. 

UKDH T-shirt designer Josh Monk has ridden this 60mph monster! 




  1. Dillon Stephens
  2. Kevin Reimer
  3. Alex Tongue
  4. Kyle Wester
  5. Louis Pilloni
  6. Kyle Martin
  7. Jonas Richter
  8. Andrew Haiby
  9. Jackson Shapiera
  10. Kelly Carter


Top 10 Shootout




  1. Alex Tongue
  2. Micah Green
  3. James Kelly
  4. Kyle Wester
  5. Dillon Stephens
  6. Kevin Reimer
  7. Louis Pilloni
  8. Andrew Haiby
  9. Douglas Silva
  10. Kyle Martin

Thrills and Spills

Eat some hay!


SFOL Pigeon House 2013: Techno Downhill

The first race of the 2013 SFOL series kicked off at Pigeon House, the event ran smoothly and around fifty people came to the hill on one of the first warm days of spring.

Congrats to Hendrix Mortimore who took 1st in this race.

The next race is coming up soon so make sure you check the SF OL facebook page! 

We will be covering this event in issue 3 of Thrill Magazine which is out in June.. UKDH!






Women in Longboarding – Fer Tabith

Photo: Lucas Inke

Lucas Inke, Original Skateboards Team rider from Brazil, wrote to us recently.

“I love your site and always pass by to check on the news from the longboarding community! I come to present you the first video I’ve produced with a decent camera (t3i). In this production I present my friend, Fer Tabith, who came to my town to spend her last week of summer vacation. This is a little bit of everything she got to do around here… I would be really honored if you guys could share my video in your website…”

Continue reading “Women in Longboarding – Fer Tabith”

Pick of the Day: “DEJAVU” Downhill Longboard TRIP

Haven’t even watched this yet but I’m settling down for 20 minutes of longboarding goodness. Check the Description below yo!

“DEJAVU” Downhill Longboard TRIP from Marcelo Neto on Vimeo.

DEJAVU Downhill Longboard TRIP records the longboarding trip of Patrick Switzer with the Brazilian local boys Max Ballesteros, Thiago Lessa and Caio Cezar riding through cliffs and crags of “Death’s Gnar” in Belo Horizonte and getting the vibe on longboarding meeting at Juiz de Fora til they get the surreal view from Sumaré Road in Rio. 

All intensity felt on those days was captured by our lenses and turned into 20 minutes of pure adrenalin.

Find a comfortable seat, take a deep breath and prepare your ears to feel the speed. Dejavu is not a quickie, there are 20 minutes of an intense experience!

Many thanks to all who contributed to make this dream a reality!



DEJAVU is an independent project. 
Made by BALIAN, Patrick Switzer, Caio Cezar, Max Ballesteros, Thiago Lessa and friends.

more DEJAVU info @

BIG THANKS to Loaded Boards and Orangatang wheels for always helping us to spread the stoke and the brazilian scene all around!!

Support Greener Pastures #2 & Win a Rayne Fortune Topmount


Help support Greener Pastures 2, Patrick Switzer and everyone else involved need your support to make some more awesome free media for you all to enjoy!

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