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Dangerous Decks: Ride The Dragon 2014

‘Ride the Dragon’, a longboarding event held on a super gnarly uphill car climb circuit in Pontrhydfendigaid, Wales was hosted by Dangerous Decks and 2014’s event was certainly one to remember. If the first one wasn’t gnarly enough already, the track boasted a few more corners than previously, with significantly more gradient and twice as much gnar.  The track is truly brutal; on your body, your mind and your gear. Only us eccentric Brits would take on such a challenge. The video says it all really. Carnage! Continue reading “Dangerous Decks: Ride The Dragon 2014”


An Interview With: UKDH Abroad

Some familiar UK downhill faces went on a sneaky excursion to an unknown island somewhere a bit warmer than it is here… Find out what Aaron Skippings, Dan Shinnie, Olly Goodwin and Oli Slaughter got up to this spring.  

Yo guys!! Hear you went to a secret downhill island! Out of 10, how was it?

A: Hell yeah! a solid 10!

OS: Way past 10 and into the realm of numbers beyond which your mind can comprehend

D: Naturally it's a ten, next!

OG: Hey man! 10/10 for sure.

How long were you away for?

A: We were away for a week but anymore and I don’t think my legs could take it ha!

OS: Most of our trips are capped at 7 days as it can become quite physically intense hitting hills from 9 till 7 everyday solidly.

D: 7 days, 6 days skating, one rest day.

OG: One mad week.


What bags did you use to transport all your gear?

A: Me and oli slaughter have decent hardware body bags there awesome bags but the problem is they have no wheels so carrying them is impossible when it’s full of skate gear! Olly Goodwin had a golf bag with wheels which was sick, I think he made the best choice.

OS: I use a Decent Hardware Body Bag which is sweet to fit all your boards, clothes and assortment of condoms in.. But there are different types of sports bags I’ve seen other skaters trawling through airports with like Golf, Cricket and even Kitesurfing, which you can grab for a steal on ebay and should come with life saving wheels. Unless you’re looking for the protein gainz lifting your 20kg bags through airport terminals.

OG: I used a massive golf travel bag, the biggest of all the bags we had!


Desribe your favourite spot from the trip.

A: Oooh wow that’s a tough one there’s so many hills you’re lost for choice. There was one that stood out from the rest though. A 10km run with so many hairpins I lost count. Maybe 50-60?!?! Put it this way… it cored a new set of wheels in 2-3 runs.

OS: This hill definitely goes straight into the top 5 hills I have ever skated. It was thin, about 6km long and had more corners than you could count. Pinging you up to about 40mph for the bravest. As you skate down you have these jaw dropping views of the sea and mountains although you’re focusing on staying on your board as it’s a battle and clean runs were like trophies, I think I only managed 1. I also hit a cactus as it sits on the edge of one of the main crashing corners haha.

OG: Favourite spot… Three words, corners, cores and cactus.


What is the best thing about getting away from the UK?

A: The best thing would be the hills and hot weather! I mean we do have hills and good ones but there usually far away and in places where it rains nearly all the time haha. I believe its important to go and experience others places though, travel a bit, see the world, interact and skate with new people from other countries you never know where it might take you  I can bet there’s loads of kids in the UK who wouldn’t be where they are now in skating without hitting a euro freeride or race.

OS: The usual suspects… Hotter weather and sick hills everywhere you look

D: For me, probably the attitude.

OG: The best thing about getting away from the UK is that basically everything is better, the hills, the scenery, the weather, the people (in most cases). It’s a bit of a downer when you return


What do you get up to when you aren’t skating?

A: Ermmm usually working and then skating on the weekend. There’s the odd chance where I might work out a bit for skating. Getting them fast gainz! #everythingsserious2014

OS: Beer

D: Oli wanted to snorkel so much you'd think he was hunting for doubloons. We were pretty unlucky with the wind and the currents however so we ended up resting tired legs, stretching, lubing up the sun burn and generally larking about.

OG: When we aren’t skating we normally drink some beer and sleep! On past trips there has been more tourist type stuff going on but not so much this time as there was so much skateboarding!


What food fuels such an intense week of riding?

A: Usually a lot of pasta and chorizo…also energy drinks and sweets     

OS: Chorizo, Pasta, Chicken..

OG: In terms of food, breakfast – cereal or grilled cheese, lunch – meat, cheese and bread, dinner – various (sometimes not so nice) food from the local shops or restaurants.

Did anyone get hurt?

A: No one got seriously hurt but I got mad drift to grip action which threw me into the other side of the road. Gave me a mean hip gash which I’m tending to now. Oh and Goodwin and Slaughter both met a cactus

OS: All of us were hurt at some stage, the worst was probably where the local guy we were skating with tried a fast stand up , smashed through a cactus off the side off the road and did a front flip before his knee soon after doubled in size, plenty of ice and rest later though he was all good.

D: Nope! A bum got a little red, a calf a little bruised and a shin a little lumpy but all in all an accident free trip.

OG: There were a couple of bumps and scrapes, Aaron and Oli both had some road rash, and our tour guide for the wheel destroyed a cactus upside-down at ~30mph.


Favourite memory?

A: Skating a crazy hill at the start of the week with everyone in a tight pack getting super close, things got gnarly but we all survived. Loved it.

OS: Skating for 16km downhill and through a cloud with Mr Skippings whilst giving commentary filming the run.

D: Watching a man barrel roll through a cactus or Olly G decimating

OG: Turning back to see this on the last run of the day was also the worst moment of the trip for me!


Worst moment?

A: Filming all day and trying to skate in stupid heat. Try skating when super tired doesn’t go down to well haha.

OS: Leaving and wishing we had hills like that in the UK

D: Watching a man barrel roll through a cactus. Only a skater knows that bum clenching, ball shrivelling, and stomach churning fear that comes after watching a monster of a bail and not being close enough to the casualty to establish damage.


Did you have any close calls?

A: We were skating a hill with some blind corners as you do and things were getting pretty fast. I looked down onto the road and saw it was clear. I came into a toeside and pulled a predrift not realising a car was coming round the corner I drifted just onto the middle white line and got at least a few inches close to the car. He wasn’t impressed and went mental but I survived and got a massive adrenaline rush from it. That’s downhill skateboarding!

OS: Many, I haven’t replaced the grip on my board for over a year and on one of the runs we were doing about 40mph and my back foot suddenly slipped out of my tuck.. Luckily I managed to ride it out… but I think I’ll be changing that grip real soon…

D: Not particularly, we're all pretty experienced and know the rules of the open road skater, while that minimises it doesn't eliminate risk. Very safety conscious this trip, none of that 'safety third' gumpf you see floating around on the internet.

OG: There were a couple close calls, Aaron almost nailing a car on the exit of a right hand hairpin was the most memorable, along with the whole crew being forced to overtake both a car and a motorbike while midway down a fast run.


When you going back?

A: As soon as I can! Hopefully next year though as my plans are now to focus on America and racing over there later this year. And as it happens it’s with you buddy! yeahhhhhhhhh! UKDH!

OS: As soon as the bank balance allows

D: Presently

OG: I would like to go back for sure, but I think there are plenty of places to visit in between now and returning to the magical island!


Sweet chatting! Catch you soon

A: My pleasure! Thanks dude!

OS: Cheers, see you on the hill…

OG: See you at an event soon hopefully!




Event: Firle Pre Summer Jam

Jamie Galyer, Angus Colville, Connor Finch, Jorge Higgins, Issac Swan and Harry Innit Phelps gettin' it this weekend at Firle Bostal. Fast, technical and stylish sliding garunteed! 

Sponsored by D.A.S. Industries:

Flickr set:


SFOL: Wraxall Warm Up

The Wraxall Warm Up, the first race of the SFOL season held in the Wraxall woods, around forty riders attended this record-breaking SFOL event.
– Aron Hailey behind the lens.

We arrived a little late to the hill and we were greeted by the sight of an ambulance. Compund tib & fib fracture. Ouch.

This is the resultant blood from said compound fracture. Get well soon!

Epic sunlight on the entrance the the woods. This is one of the knockout heats battling for a position in the final. Matt Elver up front, head to head with SFOL veteran, Jon Braund

the second crash of the day was also super burly, the grom in the red leathers had his right arm pulled out of his socket. Yes the crash is caught on film!

The pain didn't last long for him though, a few hits of morphine did the trick.

Back to the racing, the semi final was a tight finish one. Almost too close to call.

The final was more clear-cut however, Hendrix Mortimore stormed the win. Matt Elver, Jon Braund and Ethan K-D followed behind. Hendrix looks stoked to cross the line first!

Here are the top 4 enjoying their podium time!

Can't wait for the next SFOL event. If you want to get to the next one, keep up to date on their FACEBOOK page.


The Wraxall Video will be uploaded later tonight. 

Evil Excursions

Joe, Ras, Andy, Josh and 'Evil Uncle' Skateboard Phil take a trip up North. 

Welcome to the Boneyard, a stretch of super smooth and winding pathway through a future burial ground. Josh 'Fistycrabhands' Monk from Arbor and Newton's Shred navigates the second lefty with his fisty crab hands waving with glee!

Radical Ras, big boss of badass BTR leathers is pretty stoked! ENGORILEEE!

Evil Uncle Skateboard Phil looks worried… I think he nearly got chewed up by the hand rail of doom. Those wooden planks hurt you so badly that you think you have broken bones, it also makes you dizzy and sick. You have to be one evil shredder to take this bend at full speed!

Fisty crab hands himself must be a pretty evil shredder, he keeps his fisty crab hand pointing skyward on his entry to the corner of doom.

We drove up to the secret gravity research facility, only to find it was un-skateable until the North Korean army had finished their training drills.

We waited for three long hours to skate… After some awesome chips approved by Skateboard Phil we killed time with a group reading from the gnarly bible THRILL MAGAZINE!

Phil thought the new CTD gloved were 'bloody good'

We can't show you any photos from inside the secret gravity research facility because the static fried the memory card… Maybe next time.

Down The Hill: Longboard Movie ft. Thrill Magazine

Down The Hill: Longboard Movie, featuring Thrill Magazine. 

Produced by Frederico Stauffer, the edit is compsed in a similar format to the opening sequence of a feature length movie and was part of a University project. The riders in the video are Joe Baldwin and Tristan Price. 



Cool Fact #1 – Chad Gibson is currently ranked #1 in my list of favourite of raw runs/

Cool Fact #2 – Chad Gibson has a doppelganger here in the UK

Cool Observation #1 – House music backing track. 

Cool Observation #2 – RC Plane party on the hill! 




Moist Christmad

The accidental typo that turned into an accidental description of this video. MAD!

Its nearly Christmas and today it was 15 degrees Celcius in East London. Why that is relevant, nobody knows. Nonetheless, riding in the wet is a great way to get super-creative with your freeriding. Check out Nye & Aidan killing it this Winter! 



Rayne: Future Killer

We were lucky enough to receive this awesome deck from Rayne to review for our latest issue of Thrill Magazine. Since we set it up, rode it and made some modifications of our own, we havent been able to stop riding it. At the end of every session you walk away feeling as though the next session you can push it bigger and faster than you could imagine on any other deck. We are stoked to the hills on this deck, the shape is incredible!
Killswitch Vs. Future Killer:
1. Future Killer is smaller then the Killswitch
K-Rimes is a big guy, with long legs and monster feet.. he needed a big standing platform. The trend is towards narrower boards with shorter wheelbases and riders standing more on top of their trucks… Rayne deliver all of this in the tighter package of the refined Future Killer.
2. Future Killer is (a lot) lighter then the Killswitch
Well, if it's going to be smaller, it is for sure lighter, right? Well, the Future Killer is not only lighter because of size, the all new Future Killer also uses Fat Bottom to keep very stiff and rigid at speed, but reducing the weight by removing waste. Light and Stiff = Better for racing and freeriding, as they are more responsive, not to mention easier to carry back up the hill. 
3. Future Killer has more flare and less dome then the Killswitch.
The Future Killer gets enhanced, more flared wheel wells for better lock-in and room for larger wheels, a feature from the Baby Killer the #Rayneteam loved that also went into the Avenger this past year. Additionally, we felt the Pleaseure Dome (aka W-Concave) was great when tucking and getting sideways, but not as great for pushing. Graham split the Pleasure Dome into two parts to allows for a flat spot for pushing out front speedboarding and pushing around generally commuting and freeriding. More flare, less dome, pure harmony.

Length – 37.75" 
Width – 9.75" 
Wheelbase – 29" / 29.5" / 30" / 30.5"

Fat Bottom Construction – Strong and light, thick and juicy, this baby's got back.
Vert-Lam Bamboo Core – Stronger than steel, light like a feather.
Pre-tensioned Triaxial Fibreglass – Adds long life, durability, strength and energy return.
Sharp Edges – Final touch for locked in feet.
Sublimated Artwork – Scratch-resistant ink is tattooed into the deck.
Twin Shape – Freedom to choose any path or direction.
Leverage Concave – Grips from the ball of the foot to the centre of your heel for outstanding turn control.
Radial Drop Platform – Cradles your feet to keep them where you want. Ideal for freeriding.
Pleasure Dome Arch Support – w/ New Split Dome Push Support, get connected! Arch support will dial in your steezy cornering by giving you full contact with the board.
3D Wheel Wells – Fight against nasty wheelbite and keep your feet in place.
Universal Variable Top Mounting – Lets you pick the wheelbase that works best for you.
Bee Orange Finish – Smells good, taste great, and seals and protects your board without harmful chemicals.