Attack the Track

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Harewood Speed Hillclimb, probably unheard of for most of the skate community up until recently, but thanks to Gravity Bike rider, Stef Cree, it looks like the UKDH community have another awesome hill to ride! LJ and Stef tell us more:

SC: “I’ve ridden my gravity bike for 3 years now as part of the Harewood Soap Box Derby and had many a chat with James Pickard, the event organiser, about how cool the track would be for skaters and lugers, especially being both a hillclimb track and a closed road. Having the relief road up the side of the track also meant we could run a live track all day and never have to close for uplifts. After numerous discussions with James as well as James Croisdale, Andy Ash and Craig Debrick, we decided to open up the event to include the Saturday before the annual soapbox race on the Sunday.

Logistically it was a piece of cake as everything was there already, we just had to set up a day early. We honestly didn’t know how it was going to go by the morning of race day but we soon learned how fantastic the riders were, with many of them knocking out over a dozen runs with no hiccups resulting in an amazing day!

We managed to run it with only 4 marshals covering the whole course thanks to the tracks unique style and shape. We are pushing to try and run gravity disciplines together again next year at various events as it seems daft that each discipline holds independent events but never seem to run as a group. Plans are afoot for 2020 to make this change and start pooling our resources as a community.

Harewood will surely happen again and the dream would be to run the same as this year, opening the track to other gravity disciplines on the Saturday before the Soap Box Derby, possibly having a full weekend of just gravity racing with all disciplines.

I have to say, massive respect to all the riders that weekend! They were all awesome or should I say RAD!?”

LJ: “With good word coming about this track and the chance to try it out, for the first time, a bunch of us headed up to north, others south, some fairly local, to Attack the track event, being held at Harewood last Saturday.

The aim was to have us try the track, to see if we liked it and to see if it would work for future events.

On arrival, first impressions were positive indeed, good looking track, safe, good tarmac, great views, and of course, great, friendly, welcoming, well organised team.

Things started like most events, register, sign your life away, etc etc (small details). More riders started arriving, a few of us walked the track, or part of it in my case, and very soon realised this was going to be good.

First run, took it nice and steady, but with a head wind, it felt comfortable, so it was full send from there on! Pack runs very soon followed, with everyone loving the track, even the crashes haha.

It’s a track where a lot of people would class it as mellow, but it will be fun for the more advanced riders, it will also have you wanting to push the limits, which can be pushed too far, as everyone found out, and at the same time, safe enough for the less experienced riders.

There were different levels of riders present this weekend, and we were all on a high, all day, some even tried timed runs. I think we must have had at least 20 runs during the day, with uplifts.

360 Video by Finbarr Crowley

This event is more likely coming twice back next year, get yourselves to at least one, you will love it.

Huge thanks to everyone who made it happen. Sign me up for the next one!”


See more images, click over to Peter Adamson’s Album on Facebook.

Words : LJ Leme, Stef Cree

Images : Peter Adamson, John Waide

Videos : Ed Bread/Urban Surfer, Finbarr Crowley, LJ Leme

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