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The good people at AOB have been working hard of late and are now proudly presenting two new additions to their longboard family: the Ranger and Pathfinder.

Team Rider Bodhi Keen shares the specs …

“We have released two all-new freeride decks from the OTG Cologne workshop. Both are high level composite boards with skater’s design and creation from the very start. The company has had an aim to support the core scene wherever possible from sponsoring events to helping riders. These decks are the latest part of the process AOB has undergone to achieve this goal.” 


Area One Boards Ranger

The Ranger is the single kick board. The tapering shape towards the back and a large rear kick gives this deck a speed board feel, along with all the versatility to get around the urban jungle. The rocker/flare combo keeps your feet right where they need to be and, paired with the W concave in the back, gives enough reference points to know exactly where you want to be stood. The nose has a small flick upward to it for an extra usable feature. Finally, we added some CNC wheel wells and wheel base options so it can accommodate anyone’s style of riding.

Area One Boards Ranger


Deck Length – 95cm / 37.4 inches

Width – 95cm / 9.6 inches

Wheelbase – 62 – 64 m / 24.5 – 25.5 inches


A versatile board designed to accompany you on your next adventure” Tom


“All the best aspects of a top mount coming together on one deck” Bodhi



Area One Boards Rangere





3519 16 Pathfinder 01



The Pathfinder is the double kick board. Made for any type of skating situation, it makes a great travel board. Inspired by the desire to bomb hills and still get around cities/attend flatland sessions it’s been forged out of the need to be purely usable. The rocker and flares together keep your feet where they need to be when freeriding, while the large twin kicks make it an all-round option if there are no hills nearby. It comes with multiple wheel base options and CNC wheel wells, the premise of this deck was a “one board does all” mentality.

Area One Boards Pathfinder


Deck Length – 103 cm / 40.6 inches
Width – 24.4 cm / 9.6 inches
Wheelbase – 63-65cm / 24.8-25.6 inches
“A board for the everyday skater wanting a key to all the disciplines” Ben

Area One Boards Pathfinder






These boards were developed to complete the AOB line up by adding high-end freeride boards to the current line up. The fussion has resulted in an board which has proved to be both strong and quick, a really through and through racer.  However, for doing freeride it was deemed a little too focused to be great at that so, after some discussion, we came to the conclusion both a single kick and a double kick was required to fill the gap for this.  With Ben Stainer jumping at being an influence to the double kick (Pathfinder) and me helping to create the single kick (Ranger) we feel we now have the boards previously missing from our offering.17523496 10211994504515149 5417242891578730617 n
Ben Stainer - Pathfinder

Tom Campbell - Ranger





Words: Bodhi Keen

Images: Kev Hurdle and AOB

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