A Quick Pry With Uldis Tretmanis

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A couple of nosy questions for all the nosy parkers.


What is new for 2016, what are your resolutions, standing philosophies or goals for this year?

I never have resolutions per calendar year, but i do for the foreseeable future. Like the next rolling months. I have just had a complete change in life. Having lived the corporate oilfields for the last 28 years, I have just broken away from it, I couldn't stand the greed, falsity and psychosis of it all.

Due a sequence of events in my personal life the last couple of years, I have decided just to live life. In essence I plan to skate, travel, skate more, and develop and grow CTD but I don't need a lot of money for that. I have always believed in being truthful and authentic, everyone should always be themselves, and say and do what they mean. This has led to some friction with people that are not very like-minded, but hey, you've got to live life according to your own values.

The short term goals – Get back to my previous skating level and improve on it. For that I need to get very fit (already on my way), avoid stress (having left the corporate world that should be easy) and just skate.



You recently left the UK, what for? Where to? How comes?

I left the UK because there was nothing there for me anymore. The energy sector experienced a big downturn and it's just shrinking. So it's a dog-eat-dog world at the moment to survive it. I have a couple of wonderful daughters but they're grown up now and have flown the nest. Recently divorced, just had to look out the window and see: rain, always raining. That's it, let's move to a place that is dry and has wonderful roads to skate. Tenerife it is.


What inspires and frustrates you the most about Skateboarding?

Inspires – All the new kids that are so freaking good. When I grow up I want to be like them.
Frustrates – My own progress! No, not really, I don't care. I skate for fun. In reality I have no frustrations anymore. Have learnt to deal with them which takes me to the next question.

What recently has been an important thing you’ve learnt (not just skate wise)?

I learnt to let go. I had to. It was very difficult, but there are things that you can't control and it may be life taking you in a new direction. You have to learn to let go and float in the air like a leaf in the wind…


If there was one thing you could change about the world what would it be?

One thing I would change… can it be two? Erase debt and eliminate politicians from the world structure. I think that would be a good starting point.


How do you fund your travel and skate?

I decided I wasn't going to race the rat race anymore, and the last few years skating have taught me I don't really need much money to be happy. My happiest moments have been outside a tent chilling in front of a fire with my friends after a day skating. I have given away most of my money to my family but have a little savings. Plan to develop Crash Test Dummies and that should be enough to see me travelling and skating some more.

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