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A Quick Pry With Pearse D’Arcy

The second of our prying interviews with some familiar faces from the UK (and Ireland). No.2 Pearse D’Arcy.

What is new for 2016, what are your resolutions, standing philosophies or goals for this year?

Not really the resolution type, but my goals are to make it to as many BDSL races and Euro races and freerides. I’d also like to not weigh 145lbs haha, but we’ll see.

What inspires and frustrates you the most about Skateboarding?

What inspires me are other skaters for sure. Skating with them first and foremost, if that is not possible then watching videos will do for the meantime. Other skaters are definitely my number 1 inspiration. Sessioning locals with past world champs and just other amazing skaters this year was a real life changer and has inspired me to move away. I don’t have many frustrations with skateboarding, but I guess it would be the lack of skaters in Ireland, soon enough I’ll move to a skater filled place and peace will be restored haha.

What recently has been an important thing you’ve learnt (not just skate wise)?

Hmm very difficult question, I’d say recently I have learned that I need to make small trips more. Weekend or even day trips, traveling is amazing and even if you are only going across your own country for a day, skating new terrain and different pavement types really helps round you as a skater. Get out of your comfort zone.

You’ve done a bit of travelling recently; Where? For how long? Who with? Any lasting memories?

Yeah traveling is rad. Most recently I travelled to the mecca of downhill skating, Vancouver BC. Home of some the best skaters in the world. I was there for ,not nearly long enough, 3 and a half months. I went by myself on my first time traveling alone, I felt it was time to leave my comfort zone and try something new, a new continent. As you might imagine, it was the greatest experience of my life! So many amazing memories. I’d say the most lasting memory was my first day skating the Vancouver locals. Kelsey Macneil and Scoot Smith brought Simon Sturrock (South Africa) and I out for GoSkate day and Scoot guided us down SO MANY RUNS. Later we met up with a huge crew of some of the best DH skaters in the game and we shredded FAST locals in big ass packs, fuck me, what a day that was!

How do you fund your travel and skate?

Funding my skating is a fun ol’ time haha. I usually work cash-in-hand jobs on my breaks from college. Over the past few years the parents have been amazing and have given me a loan to allow me to follow my dreams while still doing my degree. Currently I am also working part-time in McDonalds haha, the shit you do to skate is hilarious. The struggle is always real though to find funds to do awesome shit, but it is totally worth it. Flip burgers, shovel dirt, or sweep floors, you’ll be so stoked when you are standing on top of that hill knowing your hard work paid off. Obviously I can’t leave out my amazing sponsors who help me with my gear and even some race fee’s now and then, big shout out to SkateFirst, Bustin and Cult.

If there was one thing you could change about the world what would it be?

Gonna be selfish here and not give the obvious answers. I would reform the world into a Pangaea-esque continent so you could drive to every country and there would be no borders. Flying with skate gear sucks and road trips are rad, so why not? Haha

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