A Quick Pry With Bodhi Keen

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The first of our prying interviews with some familiar faces from the UK. First up Bodhi Keen.


You are a key part of Slide Perfect Wheels and now you are riding for AOB, can you tell us more about that?

At the end of the summer I was talking with AOB about the idea of merging SP with them and the idea grew into what it is today. Both companies can work together on their projects. The move to AOB makes a lot of sense in the long run. With so much going on in the next 12 months I am very very stoked to see how everything turns out. 

What inspires and frustrates you the most about Skateboarding?

Inspires – Going out and skating with locals/new people/new countries. The exploring side of skateboarding is so vast and amazing. It seems like everything that is happening revolves around the idea of getting away to somewhere else.  

Frustrates – The idea that England is a rainy cold country that is not great to skate in. On the other hand if I lived in a better place to skate I couldn't come back and look at hills the same way. Things like New Year Skate Bash and Fumble would seem like lunacy.

What is new for 2016, what are your resolutions, standing philosophies or goals for this year?

For 2016 The aim is to get to new events and maybe even a different continent. My philosophies – 'Play safe, skate more.’ And 'Don't over think it.' I’m yet to set myself a goal, I don’t know what to expect this year. A lot of very new stuff coming my way.


What recently has been an important thing you’ve learnt (not just skate wise)?

Always take out the full insurance on a hire car. When skating in the wet bring as many socks as possible.

If there was one thing you could change about the world what would it be?

Unrealistically – World Poverty

Realistically – Lower transport prices.

Skating – Aggressive people telling us to ‘leave or I will phone the police’ at skate spots.

How do you fund your travel and skate?

All of my skating has been paid for by my various jobs, from bar work to carrying christmas trees. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get places, splitting costs between a few of you driving around Europe is far cheaper and easier than flying. 

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