A Quick Pry With Alex Clark

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Another quick pry with young blood grommet Alex Clark.


What is new for 2016, what are your resolutions, standing philosophies or goals for this year?

My resolution is to become healthier by quitting smoking, which I have so far stuck to; and to try and greatly improve my skating ability. I'm not sure there is a measure for whether Im doing this or not, but I have been skating a lot more this winter than any other. This year I aim to save as much money as I can to keep the skate trips coming, hopefully in bigger and better ways compared to last.



What inspires and frustrates you the most about Skateboarding?

In skateboarding I am inspired by those pros who have turned their hobby into a career, as one day I aspire to do similar. What frustrates me is when I screw up and get bricked, when someone talks about gear as if that is the factor dictating their ability, or when I lose a heat because I did something wrong (I'm totally cool with losing when I tried my hardest and there was nothing else I could do).



What recently has been an important thing you’ve learnt (not just skate wise)?

Recently I have learnt a lot about myself and what is best for me. Funnily enough, this heavily involves skateboarding. I have been enlightened… Skateboarding should be priority over college life, family life and my current college friends.


If there was one thing you could change about the world what would it be?

There are lots of things I would change about the world, and many would bring significant good. However I simply wish that countries with visa policies relaxed their criteria for entry and living. This could help my skating no end, with ease of entry to countries such as Canada, America and Australia.

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How do you fund your travel and skate?

I try to travel as much as I can when it involves skateboarding. For weekend trips and stuff, my parents normally cover petrol costs and depending on how generous they are feeling, I might receive food money from them as well. They think of it as any other sport (they would support me if I were playing football, so why not skateboarding). I pay for all my event registrations and skate gear, which works out pricey enough. Over breaks from school I go and work with my dad, redeveloping a house in Leyton.



What is your ultimate goal and who is your skateboarding idol, do you hope to become 'Pro' or as close as you can get within the downhill skateboarding industry?

Ultimately I would love to make a career from this sport and industry. Nothing mainstream or academic seems to take my fancy, and it would be so rad to base my career around something I have such a passion for. As far as idols go, there are the obvious choices such as k-rimes, but actually Boe Jaldwin inspires me because he has gotten further than any other UK skater so far through hard work and leaving this sodden island.


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