A New Boundary: Pasul Vulcan by DEVAstation Longboard Crew

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Transylvania Freeride Pasul Vulcan


Between 9th and 13th July, just one week after the twists and turns of the Straja track, comes 2 events made to test the intermediates and advanced riders to a boundary never before seen in Europe.

Pasul Vulcan is situated in the same mountain range as Straja, but rather than winding its way down, this hill sends you down like a base jumper forgetting a parachute. It’s intense, fast and like nothing that you have ever skated before or since.

The Track of Pasul Vulcan will be the fastest in the International Downhill Federation (IDF) race circuit, boasting of 3km of track that tests intermediate and advanced riders on their speed control and their nerve and a 4km ride for the Freeride event. The hill goes down at a 30% gradient in places and a speed of over 105km/h is easily doable in racing. There are two 90 degree corners at the beginning, going into a straight where speeds of 90km/h can be achieved. With loaded underwear, it’s a 4 hairpin technical section, with a second underwear shattering section with speeds of just over 115km/h, followed up by a technical bottom section. The price of the ticket does include a timing system, with extra help from the IDF in the form of an official and unlimited rides on the gondola, so you’ll be able to skate all day and see how fast you’re going. It does not include replacement underwear, however.

Nonetheless, the hill is not the entirety of the event. In much the same way as bread and butter, the costs include what happens when you’re not going downhill or soiling your underwear. Included in the price of the ticket is riders insurance, a massive boost and a stimulant to push yourself. The safety will be assured by the all usual logistical setup such as hay bales, tires, net and impact mattresses adding the marshals and the new system of mobile marshals together with a medical team on standby to get anyone off the hill as quickly as possible.

With a degree of seriousness, there must always be a mountain of fun. Ticket entry paves the way for entry into an area with a whole orchestra of activities and good times. This Willy Wonka area of happiness, including a face vibrating sound system, enough free water to solve a drought crisis, mini ramp if the days skating wasn’t enough and a stupendous hammock section, for sleeping under the stars and rocking yourself to sleep, as well as testing your shattered legs by going on the slackline while hoping that your genitals don’t end up getting completely credit carded by the slackline. To add to an already stacked list of things to do, you can also Instagram the living hell out of everything, since there is also WiFi. Go 21st century!

All of this is not just thrown together at the last minute. The DEVAstation Longboard Crew have learnt a stupendous amount for the last two years and have a revamped system of organization with a significant increase in what is available. With the cost of the event and the immense speeds that can be reached, the precautions and measures that are in place are nothing short of exceptional. With how quickly the crew have learnt from their lessons from last time, the event is set to be one of the most intense and exhilarating hills in the world.


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