Freeride Tenerife : Arico-El Bueno 2017

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Somewhat of a Throwback Thursday occurrence but better late than never, eh?

It was around this time last year that word started filtering through about a possible freeride event in Tenerife. I was hyped for this because HisNibs and I had just had an awesome time chilling and climbing at Arico and I was amazed by the super smoothness of the roads as we travelled around. I crossed my fingers and hoped this event would come to fruition.

And so it did. In March 2017, Big Mountain Skate kicked off the first ever freeride event in Tenerife – Arico El Bueno Freeride – sponsored by Blue Tomato and presented by Kebbek Skateboards with riders from around the world gathering to take part and I was thrilled to be part of it. Check out this:

Arico El Bueno freeride presented by Kebbek Skateboards from BigMountainSkate on Vimeo.

What a great edit and brought back loads of cool memories.

We stayed independently of the main crowd, in a teeny apartment in a nearby village. HisNibs and Daughter took to the climbing area of Arico, leaving me to engage my own passion on this most magnificent hill. This was only the second time I had attempted a big hill (Velefique International Freeride was the first, back in 2016, read that account here) so was full of trepidation once again. However, when I heard that Emily Pross was gripping the corners I felt a little relieved that that was even possible so thought I’d try the same, then I wouldn’t have to worry about speed checking and all that!

What was so great about this event, was the accommodating nature of the organisers.  From the off, I introduced myself, stated my lack of skill and asked for a special dispensation to trundle down at my own speed after everyone else had gone zooming off ahead. After an initial couple of runs, I got the hang of things and it wasn’t long before I started whooping with joy and sheer exhilaration of making it round corners, multiple times, before crashing. In contrast to the beautifully edited video above, here is my edit – well, one has to start somewhere, doesn’t one?!

Arico-El Bueno Raw Run Combo from Sabina Edwards on Vimeo.

I’m sure you have already read so much about this event from the likes of Longboarder Magazine and SkateSlate so there’s no point repeating it again (but do check out their accounts if you haven’t already done so) – let’s just crack on with the important bit …. photos!!!!

Before I tried my first run, I spent some time walking the hill:

The views were breaktaking:

It was good to see all the marshals in place:

Back at the top of the hill, the crew was organising the riders:

and soon everyone got on the hill….

And here are the UK crew:

The vibe was epic as we waited our turn to go down and at the bottom as we waited for the coaches to take us back up.

There were some sweet slidey moves completing the run…

A lot can be said for some incredible, if not occasionally fearsome, skills of the coach drivers. Also, every return journey to the top of the hill was accompanied by hyped riders, many of whom were keen to give encouragement and advice to bear in mind for the next run.  It was just such a great time! I felt very welcomed and part of the family.

Looking back to those fabulously hot few days, it’s difficult to say anything but good things about it.  As with organising any event, especially for the first time, the learning curve is huge and many unforeseen issues will crop up regardless how much attention is given to detail. I just hope these guys put that learning curve to good use – and bring us Arico El Bueno #2 soon!

There are many more images and you can find them on our Flickr account. If anyone specifically wants a hi-res version, email us at 🙂

Word and Images: Sabina Edwards