Merry Christmas everybody! 

We thought a fair few people would be getting new iPhones or iPads this Christmas (as well as tonnes of skate gear - im sure) so here are some wallpapers for you all to download. Click below to go to the images:

Kickpush 2014

Wednesday 30th October saw the latest distance skate in the KickPush 2014 adventure to raise money for Asthma UK and The A Skate foundation. The end goal is a John o'Groats to Lands End skate in August 2014, but in the meantime there are plenty of little warm up runs to be had. 

This little warm up was a 48 mile route from Exeter to Barnstaple over the Devon countryside. For those of you familiar with the area you will know that it's not the flattest part of the world and that mixed up with the slippery road surfaces from the rain meant it was always going to be a tough run. 

Welcome: Connor Finch

A few weeks ago we brought Connor Finch on to the Thrill Team, he is going to help fill our blog with fresh media content and product reviews fo your digest. Connor has been progressing his riding a lot recently and his passion for skating is really refreshing. The groms in the south are really stepping up their game so watch out!! 
Here is his first Thrill edit and we are stoked to have him on our team. 

Longboard for Life

Day One - Plymouth to Totnes. Words by Connor Smith
Today was the first day of my 10 ambitious and adventurous days of longboarding across the south coast of England. I set off at about 1:45 from Plymouth Hoe, after having a free lunch at Nando’s as part of my send off. Leaving Plymouth took about 30 minutes, with no major problems or hold ups. As soon as we hit the country lanes, the pace of the journey varied depending on the gradient and road quality. 

Longboard for Life

In just 6 days Connor will be setting off on this 10 day epic adventure. We plan to keep you up to date over the journey with Connor's progress. So keep your eyes here to see how he is getting on over the next couple of weeks and please donate what you can to this brilliant cause.

UKDH - Sunday 23rd June

There was quite a lot of skate happening this weekend, especially in the South. The Southern Fairies held what looked like another successful outlaw at Cocknowle and the Southend Crew & friends spent the day killin' wheels at their local slide hill. Here are a few of my favourite snaps from today.

Thrill Magazine Issue 3 - Available Now

Issue 3 is out now!

Thrill Magazine is available to download in all digital formats and in hardcopy from most WHSmiths. 

You can also establish a deal with your local newsagents to stock Thrill Magazine for your own convenience.

If you struggle to find a copy of our magazine in shops, you can always purchase from us direct from our shop. 

3500km... On a Longboard! SkateToTheEnd

SkateToTheEnd - Chairty distance longboarding.

My name is Tom Waite and on July 30th, a friend (Rob Ashworth) and I will be setting off on a longboarding journey from Denmark to Portugal (via Germany, Luxembourg, France and Spain)..  This is over 3500km. We are embarking on this trip to raise as much money as possible for two English charities that mean a great deal to us- RNLI and Yorkshire Air Ambulance. As we are both avid surfers and sea lovers, the RNLI (Royal National Lifeguard Institution) seemed a natural choice. It is a charity that relies solely on donations and saves over 8000 people a year. The Yorkshire Air Ambulance again would not exist if it weren't for the money it received from people, and again, it is hugely important in saving lives.

This sounds like a truly epic trip, a lot of hard work and passion has clearly gone in to making all of this happen. 

10 years of Rayne: Graham Buska

In 2003 Graham Buksa, the wizard behind the curtain that is Rayne Longboards, began making boards in Alberta and calling them Rayne. A year later, Graham brought his particular magic to British Columbia and the North Shore and joined the burgeoning group of coastal shredders pioneering downhill skateboarding as we know it today.

10 years later, Rayne Longboards has been recognized as one of the leading innovators in longboarding and speedboarding. Graham's design, collaboration with our professional race team and Rayne manufacturing have produced some of the most innovative, performance oriented, top quality and winningest longboards Worldwide.

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  • The Rising Stars - DevaStation Longboard Crew, Romania

    Our intrepid explorer and respected contributor, Ben Stainer, arrived early in Romania to help DEVAstation Longboard Crew with the set up of Transylvania Downhill 2K17.  Here are his first impressions:

  • Dale Goodwin's Escape to the Alps

    With just 8 days notice, I got a Facebook message from Tom @ Never Summer UK, for the opportunity to go Snowboard & Skate in the French Alps.

  • Denham Hill - Nominee for Sporting Achievement Award

    Have we ever seen a skateboarder nominated for a Sporting Achievement award? It's pretty much unheard of, yet here is Denham Hill, a 25 year old freestyle skateboarder doing just that.