Patrick Switzer Signature Series: RAYNE FORTUNE!

Patrick Switzer is known for being one of the fastest men downhill and one hell of a nice guy! The 2011 World Cup Series Champion joined Rayne in 2012 looking for a family to ride with and some Rayne innovation under his feet. Riding the Rayne Vandal in 2012, Patrick worked with Rayne designer Graham Buksa to transform the basic Vandal into his new Signature Fortune for 2013.

Orangatang: The New Moronga Wheel

Set for release in Feburary 2013, Orangatang have once again released a new freeride wheel: The MORONGA!

This one comes with a narrow contact patch to reduce speed loss through slides and the tried and tested Otang 'thane formula so you know that they will be nice and buttery! 

Vinyl Stickers

This may seem pretty obvious to most of you, but we have seen people doing all sorts of crazy things with these stickers. From leaving on the application paper, to peeling off each piece of vinyl separately and trying to line it up by eye. Nutters! It's super simple... Just follow the instructions in the video!