Tubesday featuring 'Catch Up'

Tubesday with borderTubesday #2

One from the archives - 'Catch Up' - A Longboarding Montage. Filmed & Edited by Alexander Hurst.

"A compilation of longboarding clips, filmed entirely for the fun of it ... oh, and also the title pun - apologies.  Enjoy."

Featured riders: Mathew Turrell, Tom Buck, Louis Smallwood, Eddie Goldsack, James Ashington.

EOS Footstop

What's new in the footstop department?  Kami San and Dan Ravenall have had their minds together over the past two years developing a new design.

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  • Wet and Wonderful in Wales

    The BDSL (British Downhill Skateboarding League) calendar of events was kicked off with Brianne Collective's event in Wales.  Ben Stainer's account is well worth the read:

  • Skate the Peaks By Ben Holmes

    Skate the Peaks by Ben Holmes.

  • Introducing the first of our: THRILLustrations by Nobby Hill

    This is our very first, hopefully of many more, Nobby Hill : THRILLustrations.
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