Tubesday featuring 'Megometer'

Tubesday with borderTubesday #1

Kicking off our new 'Tube Tuesday' section is a recently released full length (just short of 40mins) epic from the lads at Sheffield Uni Longboard Society recounting their 1000km journey ...

Special thanks to Francisco (Hamburg), Marcel (Muziekcafe, Meppel), Donna (Utrect) and Dineke (The Hague) as well as Lisa Karina & Robert van Haaften from Sick Boards.

Camera: Trent Swords, Tom Brown

Riders: Trent Swords, Tom Brown, Guy Balaam, Jamie Griffiths

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  • Christmas Thrillustration by Nobby Hill

    Christmas Thrillustration by Nobby Hill

  • 'Origins'

    There's a pretty cool video, recently released by Alfie Marsh of Longboard Scotland, doing the rounds. I asked Alfie to share a bit about the background to it's making and his time with the crew.

  • Congratulations !!

    Brent Lewis and colleagues at The FAR Academy are the proud winners of the Canterbury Business Awards 2017 - another amazing group of people promoting skateboarding within education to change lives.