Tubesday featuring 'I Am Everything'

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Jenny Schauerte is a freelance Communication Designer - as well as one of the world's top downhill skaters, wrapping up 2016 with 2nd place in the International Downhill Federation women's league.  Jenny spent two years researching her topic, travelling the world, skating nigh-on everything, filming and editing to bring us this insightful portrayal of a downhill skater's mind.

Exploring the ways in which adrenaline can influence our emotions during downhill longboarding,"I Am Everything" shows how extreme sports can relieve mental and physical issues. Jenny believes that "regular adrenaline rushes can oust depression, bundle one's creativity, narrow one's focus and, therein, help achieve a healthy lifestyle".

Couldn't agree more, Jenny :-)



Links for Jenny Schuarte: LinkedIn - Facebook - Instagram - Vimeo

Read about Jenny's 2016 Eurotour here.


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