Transylvania Downhill - 2nd Edition

DevaStation Longboard Crew (DLC) is already working on the second edition of, what they proudly call, their world class longboarding event.
Transylvania Downhill 2k17 is to be held in Straja Ski Resort, Romania, between 3rd and 9th July, 2017 with registration opening on 15th February.  After their first phenomenal event, this year will be bigger, longer and better - on the same technical race track but with more curves and more fun.
The monster race track is 5.2km long.  That's 3.4 miles in old money.   700m longer than last year to incorporate an extra hairpin at the top and 2 more at the bottom, before the finish line.
Extremely technical, this course delivers everything.  Twelve wide hairpins, long straights with speeds over 90kph (55mph) and many, many sweepers that will guarantee to make your legs shake while you are sitting nicely in the gondola going for the next run.

Extra length and extra curves on this year's Transylvania Downhill And that is the unique selling point of DLC events - gondola uplifts!

These cable cars make the Transylvania Downhill course a game changer in that riders are able to get back to the top of race track within ten minutes, with no waiting around.  As the road doesn't need to be opened for shuttle buses, skating is uninterrupted with a constant flow of riders taking to the hill.  In fact, DLC reckon you could probably smash more runs per day here than anywhere else.

Gondola uplifts Photo: Bogdan Blendea

Another improvement this year will be the route from the finish line to the gondola.  A solid temporary path, with steps, will be laid to make sure shoes stay dry and clean for the best skating.
As always, rider safety is paramount.  This year DevaStation Crew will be securing the track with a total of 3,000 hay bales, 2,000 tyres and over 500 impact mattresses.   The whole course will be covered by a total of 30 marshals, each manned with a walkie-talkie, providing clear communication for smooth flow of riding.
Photo credit: Cristian Stern
Eight medical staff will be positioned at key points with an ambulance and crew at the base.
Local traffic police will make sure the road remains closed during skating hours, with the local gendarmerie and a private security team watching out for general safety of both participants and spectators. 
A small freeride and slide area will be provided.  In addition to the usual ramps there will be an unusual curved ramp, set up against the road bank (the image below is from San Predro Shred but gives you an idea), to use as a concrete wave and pump you down for your next slide or show off.
Photo credit: David Ruano
Just like last year, the event features an outdoor Chill Area. Here, you can fine-tune your balance and style on their slacklines and balance-boards, or skate the half pipe (don’t forget yo skateboard tho’).  Here, you are in for a treat with a number of workshops and little skate shops, a reasonably priced bar and X-Box games projection including a Mortal Kombat competition!  A 3m projector screen will be provided and riders are encouraged to upload footage of their own runs which will be used later for edited visuals during the party. 
Chill out areaPhoto credit: Adrian Crapciu
The hosts for both the Friday and Saturday night parties will be Astronaut Kru.  
Providing 30,000 watts of sound system, 12 DJ’s and VJ you will be sure to feel the Transylvanian vibes and dance through till the morning!
This year's rider limit has been doubled to 250, although DLC are prepared to increase this to 300 if demand dictates.   Out of this, 100 will be competing in the downhill competition, with the rest enjoying the race track for freeride and fun.
There will be 3 price packages; Downhill Pack, Freeride Pack and Viewers Pack.  Each package comprises shared (2-3 bed) en-suite room and breakfast for the full 6 days.   Every hotel (DLC have fully booked eight of them) also offer free Wi-Fi (internet) and are all located alongside the race track, close to the gondola.   Also included is riders insurance and registration tax, unlimited gondola pass, party entrance, water and, of course, the ubiquitous official t-shirt and stickers.  For those coming by car there will be a private car park at the location of the event.

Closest airports are Sibiu (2hrs 45mins), Timisoara (3.5hrs), Cluj Napoca (4hrs) and Targu Mures (4hrs).  If you arrive early there is the possibility of accommodation at one of their hotels for a small fee.  There is much to see in the vicinity too, take a look at Robyn's coverage of last year's event.
And if you don't make this event, be sure to check out DLC’s new event, Transylvania Freeride set for 26th to 31st August.  Run on the same mountain but at a different ski resort, this event also features gondolas for uplifts.  DLC believes this will be one of the most hardcore race tracks you've ever seen providing a 4 km run, 1.2km of which has a 25% gradient at it's steepest point!
So, two amazing events coming your way from the DevaStation Crew for 2017.  If you can't get to one, get to the other – heck, get to both!


DOWNHILL PACK - (220 Euro)


  • Accommodation 03-09 July (6 days) With Breakfast

  • Race Track Access

  • Unlimited Gondola Pass

  • Personal Sports Insurance (Allianz Insurance)

  • Downhill Tax & Cash Prize [this goes to timing system + into the cash prize]

  • Transylvania Downhill T-shirt & Stickers

  • Water & Wi-Fi

  • Party entrance (30k watts soundsystem)



FREERIDE PACK - (190 Euro)


  • Accommodation 03-09 July (6 days) With Breakfast

  • Race Track Access

  • Unlimited Gondola Pass

  • Personal Sports Insurance (Allianz Insurance)

  • Transylvania Downhill T-shirt & Stickers

  • Water & Wi-Fi

  • Party entrance (30k watts soundsystem)




VIEWER PACK (125 Euro)


  • Accommodation 03-09 July (6 days) With Breakfast

  • Stickers. Water & Wi-fi

  • Access Fun Area

  • Soundsystem & Party Entrance



PARTY PACK (45 Euro)


  • Accomodation 07-09 (2 days)

  • Fun Area Access

  • Stickers & Water

  • Private Riders Party Entrance



Official Event Page: Transylvania Downhill 2k17

Facebook Event Page: Transylvania Downhill 2k17 

Facebook Page: Transylvania Downhill

DLC Facebook Page: DevaStation Longboard Crew


Video: Around the World 4K, Que Productions and Vlad Gheta.  Edited by Vlad Gheta

Words: DevaStation Longboard Crew. Edited by Sabina Edwards


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