Thrillustrations by Nobby Hill

Our third offering by Nobby Hill. Happy Halloween!

Previous artwork :

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  • Dale Goodwin's Escape to the Alps

    With just 8 days notice, I got a Facebook message from Tom @ Never Summer UK, for the opportunity to go Snowboard & Skate in the French Alps.

  • Push for Peace

    With the International Day of Peace set for September 21st, it is no surprise that among the skateboarding community a couple of initiatives have begun. "Push for Peace" is a 600 mile journey being planned by four rookie long-pushers; Hassan, Aaron, Nabiel and Jaime - their previous 'distance' push was 15 miles.

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  • Bearings : The Truth About Your Balls

    ''Please, please, please don’t think because your wheel spins for longer than your buddy’s that you are faster because that probably means your bearings are dry and might explode at your next session.''