Skateboarding as a Liminal Space.

A blog reshare from Helena Bliss.

I have spent most of my life in the boundary between [____] between the places whose rigid definitions I've failed to fit.
It’s    lonely     growing up not knowing who or what you are.
           As you grow older you begin to unpick meanings and realise
that the threshold         is as much        a real place       as the ones either side of it.
I began to accrete labels 'dyke'''lesbian''''queer'''''trans''''''ace''''''' 
and started meeting those fellow travellers in the void between the things society tells you are true,
                                        and it became less empty,
but I’ve always existed between [____] The world refuses to make a  s p a c e  for me, so I made my own.


Skateboarding in its purest sense is one of these liminal  s p a c e s,
on a knife edge,
trying to figure out whether it’s a sport         or a calling.
To those of us already living on the threshold between places, it offers the seductive ability to belong by not belonging
and no matter how corporate and sanctioned it becomes
it will, at some level, always speak to those of us looking for a way translate the  s p a c e s  we exist in.


The simple act of seeing the potential for a spot
maybe doing any DIY that’s needed
creates the spot, carving out a  s p a c e  that is uniquely ours where before there was nothing.
This is why that,         no matter         how !toxic! the masculinity that permeates the corporate skate world is,

     \ I’m drawn to skateboarding, because it reflects what it’s like to live in the world as a queer, non-binary grrrl.

The  s p a c e  I have to be me, is the one I created in order to be me.


I doubt (?) there will ever be a  s p a c e  for me in the corporate behemoth that skateboarding has become,
I’m a non-man whose body is too queer for the men who built it and now run it,
                                                                                                    but I don’t care.
I’ve found my  s p a c e  and you’ll never take it away from me.

*walks off humming the Firefly theme music*

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    Brent Lewis and colleagues at The FAR Academy are the proud winners of the Canterbury Business Awards 2017 - another amazing group of people promoting skateboarding within education to change lives.

  • #skatecommute365

    #skatecommute365 submission

    "Lots of people skate to work, school, the shops, to their friends house and back again. This skating goes unnoticed and unrecognised; this project intends to address this, and bring all those little victories of skating, all those stolen moments of fun that get lost along the daily commute, back to the forefront, to celebrate them and the skaters who tirelessly do them, come rain or shine.

    The goal of this project is to collect 365 skater commutes - it doesn't matter what you do it on, as long as it fits the description "skateboard". We're looking for penny riders, street skaters, electric Longboards, pintail cruisers or dedicated downhillers on their precision trucks. Whoever you are, if you commute by skateboard we want your story.

    365 days, 365 stories, 365 otherwise unnoticed acts of pure skating. You can't glamorise the drizzle soaked, leaf- covered pavements, the puddles, the short sneaky pavement bombs, the ungraceful duck and weave through gridlocked traffic like you can Cali hills. There's no shiny 4 minute glitch mob song follow run for this type of skating. It's tough, it's gruelling, but it's skating, and a core part of being great on a board: fast reactions, traffic sense,the ability to hold your balance, to tolerate any surface. To not flinch at short steep janky hills, to not think twice about braving roads the same as cyclists, to racing them and winning. To finding unrideable spots and proving anything can be ridden.

    This is your commute. One posted, every day for a year. And at the end, we hope to make a printed copy of the entire year. The scene is bigger than just downhill. It's the everyday skating that holds it together at the core. Be a part of that."

    Here's where you can submit your story about your commute - it can be a regular run to a place of work or study, the Friday night burn from home to the pub, your weekly shopping run route, whatever! Grab us a picture of you with your board, host it somewhere private (imgur has free uploads, google drive, dropbox, onedrive etc. Instagram images can be manipulated into a collage, and then linked if you want to get artsy)
    Whatever your regular commute, we want to hear of those little victories of skating you have every day:




    Your answer
    Your answer
    How long have you been skating?
    Your answer
    Setup, and why you ride it
    Your answer
    Describe your #skatecommute route: any good hills, any nice smooth bits, any janky bits?
    We love details; give us the emotions, the stress at junctions, the fun of carving a park, describe your route :)
    Your answer
    The worst bits
    What's the least fun part of the journey? Is it seasonal like leaves? Is it a bit of road or a junction? Was there this one really bad time during a hurricane?
    Your answer
    The best bits
    What part of your commute gives you that little buzz: is there a kerb your like to pop down, a banked driveway you carve up, a bus you skitch, a pedestrian phase on a junction that leaves the road clear for you to bomb?
    Your answer
    Picture of you (and your setup?)
    (paste the URLs here: facebook photos are fine, right-click them and copy link):
    Your answer
    Pictures From your route (paste the URLs here)
    (paste the URLs here: facebook photos are fine, right-click them and copy link):
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