Push for Peace

With the International Day of Peace set for September 21st, it is no surprise that among the skateboarding community a couple of initiatives have begun. "Push for Peace" is a 600 mile journey being planned by four rookie long-pushers; Hassan, Aaron, Nabiel and Jaime - their previous 'distance' push was 15 miles.

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  • Medusa, nice to me you!

    'Italy is only 23% flat land, leftover are mountains and hills crowded by asphalt roads.' By Simone Mondino

  • Woodwings Longboard Camp : Bodhi Keen

    This camp is for those aiming to improve there riding to a level where they can hit the big events safely. Nowhere else is offering this opportunity, especially in such a great locations with so many disciplines. 

  • L'Ultime Descente - Pete Connolly (UK) smashes world speed record

    There has been screaming and whooping here amongst the UK longboard community in honour of our very own Pete Connolly totally smashing the world speed record at this year's l'Ultime Descente World Speed Challenge.  Here we replicate the latest press release from the organisers.  Full interviews to follow!