Nottingham Hackspace & Nottingham Longboarding Present : Tuesday Socials

"Skater Nights" at the hackspace run the first and fourth Tuesday of each month.


"Skater Nights" at the hackspace run the first and fourth Tuesday of each month;

Come along, have fun without the hassle and cost of meeting up in the pub, maybe watch some skate vids and generally have a rad time.

All are welcome, bring your friends, refreshments and skate vids, dvds or movies if you so wish. (Hackspace has soft drinks and snacks at cheap prices)! The space has a projector, comfy sofas and wifi, we'll be set up there from 6pm.

If the door is closed and you can't get in (if you're not a hackspace member) call or text Timmy on 07500543562 and he'll let you in.

Rules for non-members: 

0) Don't be on fire

1) Hackspace members are the bosses! Do what they tell you to do.

2) Respect the 'space'

3) Yeah that means stop skating

Consider giving back to the space more than you took (it's a hard and fast rule for members). The space is run on donations, good will, blood, sweat and tears, so please help out.


Have any quick questions? Try the Facebook Event Page.

Or Join Nottingham Longboarding Facebook Group.


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