Longboard Linguistics

So we decided to collect some European longboard vocabulary for you to use this year when/if you escape the grey Isles and venture south for mountains, surf, friendlier locals, wild free-rides and the Euro race circuits.


Or maybe you are just curious and have overseas mates you would like to impress with your worldly knowledge. Either way almost every European you meet this year is going to know how to speak in your language but you will still earn some respect point for knowing a word or two.


    (& Austrian German)


If you liked this article and would like us to visit more languages or dive deeper into the vocabulary for tricks, objects, safety words, profanities or exultations just send us an email or leave a comment on our Facebook post.

A special thank you to our translators:

Jenny Schauerte
Quirin Ilmer
Keven Le Ber
Carlos Salmeron

Bart Justin


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