L'Ultime Descente - Pete Connolly (UK) smashes world speed record

There has been screaming and whooping here amongst the UK longboard community in honour of our very own Pete Connolly totally smashing the world speed record at this year's l'Ultime Descente World Speed Challenge.  Here we replicate the latest press release from the organisers.  Full interviews to follow!



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A success on the whole line!


PRESS RELEASE - For immediate release.

(Translated from Original)


Les Éboulements, September 17, 2017. The last day of competition took place in a festive and fun atmosphere. Indeed, in front of the strong winds of the previous day, the majority of the athletes decided to bet on the pleasure that the descent of the great coast, rather than on the speed. The spectators were able to attend group rides, which is outside the traditional framework of the event.

Record Summary


UK's Pete Connolly rode more than 146.73 kph (91.17mph!!) on his longboard on Saturday's penultimate descent, breaking the world record in this category!!!  (Editor's ecstatic notation!!)

You can read Pete's Lush Longboard's Blog here, whilst you wait for our own interview with Pete and the UK crew.


The last record was set the day before by Tim Del, on the same coast.

Pete Connolly, photo credit Charles-Antoine Lavoie

Women's Longboard:

Emily Pross (USA) leads the girls and beat her own world record, with a score of 135.00kph.

Emily Pross, photo courtesy of her Facebook page


Game Holm (USA) has dethroned Sandro Bovo with a new world record of 132.19 kph.

Street Luge:

Damian Andrey (SUI) reached 163.88 kph on his third Saturday descent, getting closer to defending champion Mike Mcintyre. The latter had reached 164.12 km / h (not homologated) on its street sledge during the first edition. Andrey quietly moved closer to the record certified by Mike McIntyre at 164.00 km / h. He thus reached the "Century club" , title reserved for athletes having reached 100 mph on their cars.

Street Sled:

Diego Campos Gasparelo (BRA) reached 159.29 kph on his street sled on Saturday's fourth downhill giving an impressive show, being the only athlete heading down the great coast .

Diego Campos Gasparelo, crédit photo Louis Laliberté

Gravity Car:

Doug Anderson (USA) has dropped to nearly 164.13 kph aboard his gravity car on Saturday's fourth downhill and is now holding the world record title for this category. He dethroned Fast Donnie who had reached 162.59 km / h in the previous edition. He is also a new member of the Century Club. Doug Anderson's record also became the fastest speed recorded at the Ultimate Downhill, all categories and editions combined.

Doug Anderson, photo credit Louis Laliberté

Gravity Bike:

Cédric Touchette (CAN) reached 126.31 kph on his Gravity Bike, thus stealing the world record from Frenchman Cyril Schroeder.

Cédric Touchette, photo credit Marie-Pier Houde


Frank William (USA) stole the place to Nic Mckirdy, established during the first edition of Ultimate Descent, for the world record of this category unknown. It thus spun at 150.41 kph.

Award ceremony:

The Casino de Charlevoix, represented by Louis-Pascal McNeill, highlighted the best speeds in each discipline at a trophy award ceremony on the great coast of Les Éboulements.

The Grand Finalists of the Ultimate Descent, photo credit Louis Laliberté

Summary of the event:

  • 57 participants;

  • 12 countries represented: United States, Switzerland, Brazil, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Austria, France, Sweden, Italy, Argentina and Norway;

  • Distance from the trail: 2 km (only!);

  • Descent: 215 m;

  • Difference in level: 10% average with a section at 18%.

L'Ultime Descente is a unique event where the best athletes from all over the world will try to break the world record of gravity sports.

Source, photos and additional information:

Marie-Pier Houde, Communications Manager, Ultime Descente T. 418.290.8676 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.?subject=L%27Ultime%20Descente">

Website: L'Ultime Descente

Facebook : L'Ultime Descente - Top Speed Challenge

Instagram: Ultimedescente


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