ISPO Munich 2017

The Internationale Fachmesse für Sportartikel und Sportmode, more commonly referred to as ISPO, is the world's largest trade fair for sporting goods and sportswear.

Mat Rossi (Team Rider with Landyachtz) reports back on all the goodies. Here's what he saw ...

"Hey everyone, I recently flew to Munich to go to the ISPO trade show.  I wanted to give you all a quick sneak peek of what’s to come from the board manufacturers that were there for 2017.

Upon arrival in Munich, the first stop had to be the legendary Boneless Skateshop. I wasn’t privileged enough to see the secret underground bowl but the welcome was great. I met up with Felix Druschel and Jan 'Siggy' Sigismund, team riders with Landyachtz, for some beers and was able to catch up with more of the Landyachtz crew after that.

Landyachtz LongboardsFelix and Siggy at the Landyachtz stand

I saw some pretty OG stuff at the Boneless Skateshop stand which I want to share with you first.

Boneless display with a 313Boneless display with a 313


Doris Day Risch Aerohelmet'Doris Day' Risch Aerohelmet c.2008














At the trade show, I immediately made my way to the Longboard Embassy where all the longboard brands were set up.

Longboard Embassy ISPO Munich 2017


Inside, Carver Skateboards - with the help of Whitezu and Ministry of Stoke - unveiled the first Surfskate Embassy.  Here is Laurent Perigault from Ride With Us longboard shop (they ship to the UK too) shredding it: 

Laurent Perigault of RideWithUs


Rocket Longboards were present showing us the new Ian Freire Pro Model made using their new LAF technology - making all the boards extremely durable and waterproof as well as nearly 30% lighter than typical boards.  If you want to know all the science, check out Longboard Magazine's in-depth article.  Rocket's new line up also includes the Stealth and the Scout.

Ian Freire Pro ModelIan Freire Pro Model

Rocket LongboardsRocket Longboards



















Celebrity Aaron Hampshire was there to show us the new Seismic boards and wheels.

Aaron Hampshire at the Seismic standAaron Hampshire at the Seismic stand


Seismic's new wheelsSeismic's new wheels










Loaded Longboards were proudly displaying the new Tan Tien and Icarus decks whilst Bustin Boards had their ranges on display - this rack shows a couple of the maestro mini decks, some of which are now on sale.

Loaded LongboardsLoaded Longboards

Bustin LongboardsBustin Longboards





















Bastl Boards has some new interesting construction techniques going on with their boards, here is the Waltzer X with it's specially designed sidewall.  This covers the entire board (including the mounting holes and wider on impact points) making it 100% waterproof.


Bastl BoardsWatzer X from Bastl's Magier collectionBastl BoardsBastl Boards range


Graveyard Longboard's stand had a pretty cool feeling to it as it displayed their 2017 range. This included the Sepulcretum which has had a complete make-over.

Graveyard boardsGraveyard Longboards range


And here is Olson & Hekmati's Alex Dehmel showing off the new shoe - standby for details... (and if you haven't seen it go watch him here in One with Gravity).

Olson & HekmatiOlsen & Hekmati show off their new skate shoe










French American superstar Tristan Fort showed me some of the new boards Madrid have to offer for 2017.

Madrid SkateboardsCareful, those banana guns are pretty lethal.

Madrid SkateboardsMadrid Longboard range


Madrid LongboardsMadrid Longboards











There were also some new guns at ISPO; In'Bo are a collaboration of five friends and colleagues with a common goal: to bring up-to-date wood working into outdoor sports. From the Vosges in France, these guys hand-make all their boards sustainably with locally-sourced materials. They make shades and super rad bamboo bikes too!

In'BoIs'Bo stand - boards, bikes and brunch

In'Bo board rangeIs'bo board range

Sustainable created boards by In'BoSustainable created boards by In'Bo











Helmets and other protective wear were showcased on both the TSG and Triple 8 stands with Paris Truck Co and Divine Wheel Co showing their own offerings.

Paris trucks alongside Divine wheelsParis trucks alongside Divine wheels

TSG helmets and Divine wheelsTSG helmets and Divine wheelsTriple 8Selection of helmets from Triple 8


Area One Boards weren’t in the Longboard Embassy as they had a huge booth in another hall. They’ve got some cool new stuff coming soon so keep your eyes peeled especially for the new Pathfinder and Ranger.  "Both these boards have been designed around the team and what they wanted.  Adding them really filled that kick tail demand in the AOB lineup. Very excited that these are finally ready after 9 months of testing and countless prototypes."

AOB Area One BoardsAOB featured their new Ranger and Pathfinder decks


SP (Slide Perfect) Wheels shared the stand with AOB, displaying their complete range.

Slide Perfect WheelsSlide Perfect

Quinboards featured here too.  Set up in 2010 by two longboarders from Cologne, they are able to use their 'Sports Technology' Masters degrees to create a range of sturdy boards.

Quin BoardsQuinboards






These products are also all available here in the UK via Gravity House, including Rugged Trucks and Shredlights.





The big guns were here as usual.  Sector 9, of course, with their regular ISPO beer for all. 

BeerGood Vibes

Sector 9Clear Butterballs











As well as some cool looking new clear Butterballs! 

They were proudly presenting the new graphics for their Downhill Division as well as a new dancing board!

Sector 9New designs and dancing deckSector 9Louis Pilloni deck















This one board also had a really pretty wood stained construction.

Sector 9View of the beautiful stain design

Talking about the big guns, Landyachtz Longboards came along with their fancy Hollowtech light show, now including their brand new dancing board : The Stratus.  The whole display topped off with the very awesome Triple Beam;  a product of Dillon Stephen's vision. 

Landyachtz Longboards


No more Loco series,  but a new range of decks being launched on March 14th.  Check out their Facebook page here for reminders and more details.  These look very sick, all 32 inches but slightly different shapes.























Pretty Precisions ... Bear Truck Co on display, including the new anodized blue and grey Grizzlies.

Precision Trucks

All in all ISPO was really great.  A good experience, a really pretty town - and the beer was amazing!  The show attracted some celebrity skateboarders like Aaron Hampshire as we saw earlier, Laurent and Alex, but also Patrick Switzer and Tamara Prader #celebritypowercouple and the Dutch/American dream James Kelly."

James Kelly




Patrick Switzer and Tamara Prader














Since its inception in 1970, the ISPO takes place once a year (end of January or early February) at Neue Messe München where the following categories are being displayed: Outdoor, Skiing, Boarding, Running, Fitness, Sportswear, Beachwear, Teamsports, Soccer, Nordic Sports, Biking, Racket, Triathlon, and Kids. (ref: wiki).

Huge thanks to Mat Rossi for taking the time to shoot these images on behalf of Thrill Magazine and to let us know what's new in the longboard world.

Words and Pictures by Mat Rossi - find and follow him on Instagram

Editted and Supplementary words by Sabina Edwards.


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    The goal of this project is to collect 365 skater commutes - it doesn't matter what you do it on, as long as it fits the description "skateboard". We're looking for penny riders, street skaters, electric Longboards, pintail cruisers or dedicated downhillers on their precision trucks. Whoever you are, if you commute by skateboard we want your story.

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    This is your commute. One posted, every day for a year. And at the end, we hope to make a printed copy of the entire year. The scene is bigger than just downhill. It's the everyday skating that holds it together at the core. Be a part of that."

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