There's a pretty cool video, recently released by Alfie Marsh of Longboard Scotland, doing the rounds. I asked Alfie to share a bit about the background to it's making and his time with the crew.

During the making of 'The Longboard Scotland Origins' there were many crazy moments, near deaths (for cameras and humans) and early mornings!  Nearly every day of filming started at 5am for me, due to having to get the bus into Edinburgh then meet up with the guys and then driving to the spot before the sun got 'boring' or the weather turned bad.

The first 'Origins' shoot we did involved Craig Reid and David Lewis at our spot called 'Hells Glen'. That hill is mental; 2 way single road, bus route and various trucks and vans speeding through the country road.  I'd say there were two scary points in that shoot, the first was when we were doing a follow cam with David riding and Craig driving.  There's this lovely floaty corner that goes up and banks left but, of course, it's blind and we didn't see the huge industrial truck coming the opposite way!  Luckily, David was able to shutdown and scramble out of the way before Craig got involved.

There was another shot we tried involving me hanging out the back of the car holding a DJI Osmo (a handheld gimble) to ground in order to film David from the front.  That was scary, all I had to keep me in was a seat belt around my shoulder.

We only really had one proper crash while filming and that was when we went to a hill near the Tak Me Doon Road.  A lovely hill of grip and lovely sunshine.  The crash involved Ross Macallan and Craig Reid as they were tucking down a right hander with Craig gaining on Ross.  The thing is, we all know Craig has 'the touch of death' but as he reached out to give Ross a nudge forward, Ross realised the inevitable!  They both flew off their boards, skidded off the road and plumbed themselves against the fence at the side.  Luckily, both of them where laughing and there was no major damage, except for Ross's new kevlar jeans.  I have to say, the guys I ride with from Longboard Scotland are some of the nicest guys I've ever met and I definitely wouldn't be where I am today without them.

Longboard Scotland - Photo: Neil DaveyI'll never forget that very first day I planned to meet up with them, early 2016.

I'd found the Facebook page and they'd posted up that they were going to be riding in Edinburgh so I asked if I could come along and film a bit. They agreed and picked me up at the petrol station near Braid Hills golf course.  So there's beginner Alfie sitting on a wall just next to the petrol station, I heard an ominous but now familiar hum of loud music approaching and then appears Craig and David.  They pull up and Craig waves me a 'Shaka' and instantly I knew this is where I wanted to be!  Then I met David and his iconic moustache and zombie style of skating!

Later in the day, we were on our way to another spot and had picked up a college friend of mine who was interested in photography.  It was during this drive that I got to know Alan Cassells and his somewhat dubious sense of humour.  My mate is strictly Christian so the drive had some very uncomfortable moments with me sitting there thinking 'What have I done!!'  I don't think I've ever mentioned that and, thankfully, my mate didn't take any of it to heart!

Longboard Scotland definitely has a hell of a story to tell and a proud group of riders behind it.  I see the Origins film as the opportunity for Longboard Scotland to begin producing more 'movie' like videos, in addition to all the good ol' GoPro edits.



Let's keep sharing and shredding!

Let's get the UK downhill scene bigger than ever!


Words and Video by Alfie Marsh

Props to Optional Death Stare Longboards and Newton's Shred Longboard Shop

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